Johannes Nagel Consulting GmbH

Johannes Nagel Consulting GmbH is an interim management, project management, and consulting firm, active in and with various organizations in Germany and abroad. 


Areas of Expertise:

  • School real estate

  • Funding and financing of schools

  • Operational management/administration of schools

  • Licensing and accreditation procedures of schools

  • Public funding of private schools

  • Accounting and accountability procedures for educational facilities

​Why Work with Us:

  • Experienced management

  • Flexible and responsive to your needs

  • Fast and goal-oriented

  • Worldwide network of education consultants 

Johannes Nagel


Founder of Johannes Nagel Consulting GmbH, Johannes Nagel has worked as a business consultant for the last 2 years at AT-Kearney, primarily in the branches of high-tech and telecommunications.


From 1999 to 2006, he acted as the commercial head of FJD Information Technologies AG, which he also founded. FJD produces and delivers electronic form and workflow systems for state agencies, as well as for the banking sector.


From mid-2006 to 2010, Johannes Nagel was executive board member and CFO of Phorms Management AG, Germany’s first, nationwide, private education firm with 14 facilities at 8 locations, from daycare to an IB-accredited school. From 2010 to 2015, Johannes was co-founder and CFO of Nobel Education Network ( , with K-12 schools and boarding schools in Portugal, Austria, Turkey, Oman, and Vietnam. 

Andreas Reuter


Andreas Reuter is an economist and social scientist with a focus on Latin America. In the course of his career, he has applied his analytical skills largely to IT and management accountability projects. For the agency BBDO, he guided the construction of a video platform for commercial spots. In 2007, he accompanied the development of the learning and school-administration system of the first bilingual private school chain in Germany, Phorms Education SE. Since then, he has specialized in the development and administration of international education carriers. In 2012, he began work in the accountability, accounting, and business development departments of Nobel Education Network, as well as acting as Business Manager. He supervised the due-diligence procedures of the group until its sale. He now lends his experience in school administration, lesson plan development, and learning platforms to the design and development of educational facilities. 

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